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Please complete all fields in the enquiry form to arrange viewings. Rest-assured, any information provided is treated in the strictest confidence and is not shared with any other person or organisation.
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Limitless Horizons

Complimenting the refined aesthetics of our commercial offerings our focus on creating a dynamic community of business leaders both in Abuja and beyond, drives us to continually evolve and implement new initiatives, empowering our members to prosper. Whether you are a local entrepreneur with a vision to expand your reach, or a multinational corporation seeking new opportunities for growth, The World Trade Center Abuja can equip you with infrastructure and resources to surpass your goals and swiftly navigate the ever-changing global landscape.

From connecting with foreign business communities and esteemed economic decision-makers, to exploring opportunities within key international markets, we present a dynamic arena for national firms and governmental agencies to prosper. Bring your global business vision to fruition with WTC Abuja’s unparalleled Trade and Investment Missions platform.

Through our tailored business matchmaking and networking solutions, we foster seamless collaborations and partnerships, identifying and connecting like-minded corporations and individuals to ensure cooperative connections and mutually beneficial opportunities.

A carefully devised calendar of conferences and roundtables, roadshows, and virtual exhibitions, provide ample hours for corporate exploration, idea sharing, and capturing minds, to form lasting alliances.

The world is your oyster with our B2Bs, B2Gs, and G2Gs which open dialogue between businesses and governmental agencies, creating a direct link between businesses, business owners, potential customers,
and principal governmental institutions. In acquiring your place at The World Trade Center Abuja, we extend an opportunity to join us on a journey to unlimited growth.


Join our vast WTCA global network and enjoy a unique gateway to the world. Designed to elevate your profile to new heights our bespoke Vocational and Expo services are tailored to the unique needs of discerning business minds. From customised event planning and expert delegate guidance to roadshows and exhibitions, we are committed to supporting you in expanding your knowledge and market reach through access to unlimited global resource.

At the heart of our economic mission is empowering a broad spectrum of businesses to thrive in today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving economy.

Through our vast WTCA global network we offer a unique gateway to the world, coupled with a team of expert delegates who understand the requisite of maintaining a competitive edge in the worldwide marketplace. Whether you are seeking to expand your market reach, gain valuable industry insights or form strategic alliances with accomplished business minds, we can support your goals and enhance your days within an unmatched environment of distinction.

From exhibitions and conferences, to concerts, congresses, fairs, and forums, WTC Abuja is the consummate host to a wide range of global events, providing the perfect platform through which to showcase your brand and connect with key decision-makers. We also offer trade education and information, including corporate executive training and leadership development through which to augment existing skill sets.

We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive support for the planning, organisation, and management of events, affording you the comfort of focussing on growing your business.


Allow us to become your trusted partner in navigating the rapidly evolving business world. With constantly evolving knowledge of current international markets, including strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, our expert team of delegates will guide you through the intricacies of global business development, ensuring your company’s continued success. 

With a wealth of experience in trade research, consultancy, and advocacy for key stakeholders Regionally, Nationally and Worldwide, we can act as your eyes and ears. Our team will keep you abreast of potential market opportunities, providing valuable insights into regional strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats so you can adapt to your target audience in line with the market landscape.

Steadfast market intelligence and continually developing cross sector knowledge will provide you with firm foundations for all your trade decisions.

Our Commodities Exportation Services can guide you into new markets. From improved supply chain channels to export aid for small and medium enterprises, we encourage companies of all sizes to expand into new regions. We’ll smooth out the logistics and simplify the process, providing you with e-commerce solutions, support with free trade agreements, and expert guidance with visa and customs services. With a strong background and keen interest in global distribution we are committed to making exporting accessible for businesses of all scales.

I am proud of the role played by WTC Abuja in supporting the World Trade Centers Association's commitment to positively impact wealth and prosperity, and to enhance peace and harmony on the African continent. Together, we are forging a path of triumphant collaboration, empowering Africa's economic rise like never before
By John E. Drew, Chair, Board of Directors of the WTCA
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