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Please complete all fields in the enquiry form to arrange viewings. Rest-assured, any information provided is treated in the strictest confidence and is not shared with any other person or organisation.
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Membership services and business club

One can easily imagine how occupying a World Trade Center address would elevate a business. The gravitas of being part of World Trade Center Abuja’s Exclusive Membership Services and Business Club raises profiles further still.

Where Business meets Luxury

Designed to promote cohesion and connection amongst WTC residents, both in Nigeria and beyond, ‘The Club’ at WTC Abuja offers unrivalled business and lifestyle opportunities to compliment the unparalleled views and amenities of its pre-eminent location.

Through our private Membership and Business Club, residents may enjoy access to a carefully curated diary of membership services and networking opportunities, tailored to the needs of discerning company owners, CEO’s, and aspiring business start-ups.

Our members benefit from incorporation within the continually evolving World Trade Center global network, providing opportunity to acquire the connections and knowledge through which to advance at any stage of business.

“The Club” at WTC Abuja facilitates networking at the highest level, with a members list comprising many of Nigeria’s business and social elite. Our annual calendar includes networking and social gatherings, select guest speakers and co-ordinated visits to some of the most notable companies within Nigeria and the wider region. We are proud to have forged strong relationships with leading industry experts across many fields, including oil & gas, technology, agriculture, and hospitality. Each element of our schedule ties into our commitment to enriching the trade skills, businesses, and holistic wellbeing of our community.

Membership 1

The Executive Business Club is open to all business owners, regardless of age or industry, offering an established platform and vibrant community for elite networking, knowledge sharing, and global recognition.

As a member of the Executive Business Club, you will have the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and gain valuable insights into the latest industry trends and practices. Our members-only events and networking sessions provide a unique opportunity to develop valuable business connections, exchange ideas and information, and build valuable relationships.

Our members also benefit from access to exclusive resources, including educational opportunities and training programs to ensure you stay ahead of the curve in your industry.

As a member of WTC Abuja Executive Business Club you will enjoy: 
  1. Recognition and publicity of your brand and products.

  2. Access to the global WTC Network.

  3. Network with the other 320+ WTCs around the world.

  4. Participate in our Trade Missions, B2Bs, Seminars, Workshops, Exhibitions and Business Meetings at discounted rates.

  5. Access to our meeting rooms at a discounted rates.

  6. Provision of business and trade advice.

  7. Access to our Trade Services Information and Trade Counselling

  8. Referral to Embassies through other WTCs globally.

  9. Access to all Trade groups and Trade meetings.

  10. Participate in International Exhibitions at a discounted rates.

  11. Honorary addition to the WTC Abuja Mailing List.

  12. Business Listing on our digital platforms.

Membership 2

WTC Abuja Young CEO and Start-Up Business Club is the ultimate launchpad for young entrepreneurs wishing to soar to new heights in the business world. Developed exclusively for business owners under the age of 40, membership opens the door to a vibrant community of multi-faceted and ambitious individuals with a shared energy and vision for business success.

Members will be positioned to connect with representatives from the regional business community and establish relationships with business leaders from across the globe. In extending an offer of membership we present an unparalleled opportunity to tap into the knowledge and experience of some of the most venerable minds in the business world. Join us and the sky’s the limit.

General benefits include:
  1. Access to the global WTC Network.

  2. Networking and educational events.

  3. Trainings, business advice and business referrals delivered by WTC professionals and members.

  4. Personalised business-matchmaking, sponsored education, and networking events.

  5. Honorary addition to the WTC Abuja Mailing List.

  6. Recognition as a member of a global business-minded community

  7. International exposure and enhanced visibility.

  8. Access to the WTC Abuja events

  9. Mentorship Programs

Sound enticing?

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